Sustaining an equitable balance between economic growth and environment preservation has been of paramount importance for the Group. Its environment management approach has led to efficient and optimum utilization of available resources and minimization of waste, productive usage of waste materials, conservation of energy and water resources. The Group is committed to making its operations environmentally sustainable, on scientifically established principles

Set up and operate Industrial plants and Infrastructure Projects adopting modern technology, keeping in view efficiency of operations, prevention of pollution, conservation of energy which shall have impact on carbon emissions, on continual basis.

Adopt and comprehensively adhere to meet Rules and Norms set by Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, Central Pollution Control Board and State Pollution Control Board or any other statutory body.

Make use of renewable energy to the extent it is possible and make tailor-made schemes to adopt such features suitable to respective projects.

Work on philosophy of ‘Zero Discharge’ from the Units.

Conserve precious water, adopt Rain Water harvesting for ground water recharging and develop water reservoirs, reducing its dependency on ground water and other natural resources for water supply to the units.

Compliance to various conditions stipulated in Environmental Clearance accorded by Ministry of Environment & Forests and other conditions as imposed by State Pollution Control Boards in Consents granted for Establishing the unit and operations.

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