Special message on 75th anniversary

The path breaking and outstanding budget for 2021-22 presented by Finance Minister, Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman, has its focus on development. It seeks to address needs of the nation and envisages spending lots of money on development in every sphere including on infrastructure and housing.

Although the Union Budget for 2021-22 is expansionary with higher fiscal deficit of 6.8%. it is needed in today’s context and it is good for the people. With its thrust on capex and with higher outlays on healthcare, roads, railways and infrastructure, the Budget has combined and addressed the needs of today. As such economy was slowly coming out of the pandemic era and this increase capex will accelerate the recovery, If the promised capex on infrastructure, roads, metro, and railways take place, I see substantial increase in demand for cement. We can look forward to a good 2021-22.

Budget will spur growth. For that, capital is needed as we can’t go to commercial banks for everything. Manufacturing industry, in particular needs a development financial- institution. It has been announced in the budget, which is very good and it should be speeded up.

The Economic Times

‘’ The Cements Industry has a lot to be proud of and has been a silent achiever, never boasting about itself or displaying its true strength and achievements. Today our cement industry is a good as any in the world and our technology is outstanding. The industry is one of the largest contributors to the national exchequer, it cares about the environment and concerned about the welfare of the people who work in it. While currently the cement industry is undergoing challenges, the future looks bright over the next five years and outstanding in the next 10 year’’.